seven~ Redemption {part two}

Posted: J November, 2014 in Arma, Arma 3, Wasteland

I heard the sound of a helicopter off in the distance, the blades chopping the air and beating it to submission. My mouth was dry and I felt the faint whisper of air on my face as it moved slowly through the trees and into the building I had woken in.

Cinder-block walls, wooden doors comprised what I could see at first. My eyes felt gritty and would occasionally focus themselves on things other than what I was looking toward. I attempted to lay still…very still as I didn’t yet know where I was and who might be around me.

Slow, even breaths.

Taking stock of what I could see through my eyes and feel on my skin I determined I was not on the coast. A fresh breeze did not smell of the salt air I had grown accustom to whilst making my life on Skalisti Island. I could feel my toes and both hands. I felt the hay itching my neck and the coarse blanket that was thrown over it into a make-shift mattress.

I didn’t hear any voices. Neither did I hear the guttural sounds of wandering zombie I had grown accustom to during my life in Chernarus. That was very strange. They were always about it seemed, and showed up in the most unlikely places, when you least expected it. I found one in an outhouse once…door closed and sitting there like he was just finishing his morning constitutional. Another time, a female zed was dangling by her leg from one of the many apple trees found in the north-east. As I approached her, she began to wriggle violently in an attempt to feed on me. Her trapped leg detached with a wet ‘pop’ and she fell to the ground in front of me, struggling to right herself and attack me. I booted her to the ground, and drew my machete. When she tried to rise again, I removed her head with a clean, quiet strike. It hit the ground to my right, and her jaw opened and closed a few times, biting at the air before falling over and lying still.

I left the putrid body as it lay.

Currently, my head was pounding, and I was unbelievably hungry. My ears were picking up a low drone sound, like an idling diesel off in the distance someplace. It didn’t sound like it was approaching, or leaving for that matter. Just sitting at idle. My condition didn’t allow me to make a better determination of the equipment or vehicle making the noise…yet.

Isn’t this how it all started? I thought to myself. I did’t know if I felt happy, or sad that I actually ‘woke-up’ here. I suppose a part of me wished that It would all be over. That I would find myself in heaven, instead of this hell of our own creation.

I decided that I had had enough of sitting still, waiting for whatever fate had decreed. Pushing myself up off the pile of hay, I sat as upright as my stiff body allowed. The pain in my head spread out to my eyes, grey pulsing at the edges of my vision with every beat of my heart.

Looking about myself, I saw that I had been stripped of all weapons and was wearing different clothing. I was struggling to pull myself onto my feet but my muscles felt like they had not been used for quite sometime.

Lurching ahead, I moved to one side of the barn to peer out through the cracks in the door, to see if I could get a handle on where I was, and have a better sitrep.

It was some type of camp, bolstered with H Barriers, and a two story reinforced base structure. A light standard was at one end, and the engine sound I heard was a diesel powered generator charging a bank of batteries.

A dusty black SUV was parked to one side, and an old UAZ modded with what looked like a Russian PKP mounted on top. A small blue banner was waving lazily from a makeshift flag pole at what appeared to be the entrance of the camp. I had no idea what could have possibly meant, so I simply moved on.

As I scouted around the camp, I discovered that there were some crates of weapons and gear secured in various places. Everything from silenced M9 pistols, to IGLA anti Aircraft shoulder launched missile systems.

I turned to my right, and inhaled a sharp breath in excitement and surprise! I spied a table under a tarp shaded roof. It was stacked with water containers, cases of MRE’s and fresh fruit! I moved quickly as I could on wooden legs toward the bounty. Apples, pears and dried beef! Turning my attention to a canteen full of water, I threw caution to the wind and took a long, deep drink. Tepid water poured from the wide mouth of the canteen onto my face, splashing down my throat in a life-giving stream.

Grabbing an apple, I took a bite, then quickly devoured the fruit, eating so quickly that I didn’t have time to savor the meal.

I promptly threw up. It seems that I had not eaten in quite a while. The sun seemed to darken, and my vision began to pale. I fell from the table and onto the dusty, hard ground, and passed out.

My last thought was what in what was left of this world was going on now?





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